Woman's Club of San Juan Capistrano

2016 – 2017 Board of Directors

President – Linda Haimes

1st Vice President (Programs) 

2nd Vice President (Ways and Means) – Dottie Suhr

3rd Vice President (Membership) – Betty Stocking

Secretary - Karen Miller

Treasurer – Ellen Fischer

House Maintenance – Donna Delano

Luncheon Coordinator – Liz Perrin

Newsletter – Betty Nierzwicki

Outside Group Use 

Youth & Community – Nancy Canary

Standing Committees
Gerri Zurbrugg – Amenities

Jan Hammel – Arts & Crafts

Bridget Ignarro – Auditor

Donna Delano and Kathryn Carpenter – Bylaws

Christine Waters – Historian

Nancy Smith – Hospitality/Name Tags

Beverly McCarthy – Inspirational/Invocation

Kathryn Carpenter – Supplies

Annabelle Isky, Beverly McCarthy, Shirley Sauvageau, Betty Smith – Telephone Tree

Betty Nierzwicki – Year Book

Kathryn Carpenter – Facebook

Kathryn Carpenter – Website