Woman's Club of San Juan Capistrano

President's theme

Learn From Our Past And Look To The Future Of Our Club

Beatitudes of a Woman

Blessed is she, who stands for good government for she shall be needed;

Blessed is she, who works steadily for her community, for she shall be happy;

Blessed is she who believes in the causes she serves, for she shall be respected;

Blessed is she, who gives credit to her helpers, for she shall be successful;

Blessed is she, who has faith in her fellow man, for she shall be justified;

Blessed is she, who, when other criticize her and say all manner of evil about her, has the strength of character to forgive, the strength of purpose to carry on and the strength of body to continue.

She Shall Be Called A Leader.

I am honored to serve as President of The Woman's Club of San Juan Capistrano for 2015 - 2016.  We hope our membership doubles.  We want to get younger women involved.  We want stronger community recognition.  We want to treat all as we want to be treated.  We want to continue to improve our clubhouse.  Let's have a wonderful year filled with enough work to keep us busy. enough fun to keep us happy, and enough Love to fill our hearts.

P.S.  I found this when going thru old records of the club & thought it might be of interest to you all.....

The October 20, 1959 general meeting of The Woman's Club of San Juan Capistrano was called to order by President Vera Billings at 1:00 pm.  Mrs. Russell Cook gave the blessing.  A delicious luncheon was served by the 6 hostesses (they prepared the luncheon).  A 50th golden anniversary cake was served for dessert.  After the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, the "prayer for Every Day" was read by Mrs. Fulton Shaw (Kay) from the year book of the Club at the Chamber of Commerce Fiesta.  Shirlee Smith presented an interesting program from the San Diego Gas and Electirc Company including cooking demonstrations.  There were 11 new members installed that day - including Mrs. Ross Carpenter (Eva)....

God Bless,

Linda Haimes